Coordinating interviews


At any given point of time, two people from the company are responsible for managing hiring. These two people are chosen on a volunteer basis every month or so and referred to as Hiring Owners.

The responsibilities of the Hiring Owners are to

1. Be the first responders to any hiring mail that comes to (sometimes these mails may also come to hello@n or moshimoshi@n).

2. Find and assign people to take initial calls, do code reviews and create interview plan for any in-person interviews.

General rules to follow for the process

1. No emails from an interviewee should go unanswered for more than 3 days unless the mail comes on a weekend.

2. Hiring owners should keep track of all interviewees currently in the process in Shortcut and make sure all participants of an interview keep the board up to date with their notes.

3. Hiring Owners should also poke people about their progress of coding problems.

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