Don't forget to let your clients and colleagues know that you're taking leave
Statutory leaves
  • 26 Jan: Republic Day
  • 01 May: Labour Day
  • 15 Aug: Independence Day
  • 02 Oct: Gandhi Jayanti
  • 01 Nov: Rajyotsava
  • 15 Feb: Family Day
  • 24 May: Victoria Day
  • 01 Jul: Canada Day
  • 02 Aug: Civic Holiday
  • 11 Nov: Remembrance Day
Discretionary leaves
In addition to the statutory holidays, we offer 28 days of paid leave that can be taken as needed.
Very sick leave
Time off for serious illness such as dengue etc. does not count as leave.
Menstrual leave
We offer paid menstrual leave for anyone who needs it, no questions asked. This does not count as leave.
Parental leave
We believe that parenting is a joy and a responsibility that should be shared by all parents. Anyone (regardless of gender) welcoming a newborn (biological or adopted) is offered 6 months paid and a further 6 months unpaid leave.
This can be taken anytime from 6 months before the child is born to when the child is 24 months old.
Additional paid leave
Additional paid leave of up to 15 days per year is available for significant life events that require extended periods of time off from work, but do not always provide relaxation and rejuvenation.
Additional unpaid leave
Additional unpaid leave is available during the year if required. The salary is adjusted prorata based on number of calendar days of additional leaves taken.