Onboarding checklist



  • Email, add to employees@n email group

  • Google drive walkthrough

  • Calendars: nilenso and leaves

  • Organisations on GitHub and GitLab

  • Slack

  • Harvest

  • Trello

  • Telegram groups

  • Activate the POSH module

  • Visiting cards / stickers

Post Probation

  • Add to email groups: business, hiring

  • Add to vault (bitwarden)

Post membership (one year from joining)

  • Have all members to sign a new executive being added (no llp amendment, just a digital signature on letterhead)

  • remove member from employees@n and add them to members@n email groups

  • add them to members in slack

Payroll, expenses and insurance

  • Bank details

  • Inform our accounting team

  • Greytip for payroll: request accounting team to add

  • kulu: for expenses and reimbursements

  • Health insurance

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