Health policy

We care about the mental and physical well-being of you and your loved ones.

Psychological care

Your psychological well being is as or more important than your physical health. nilenso therefore reimburses any expenses (consultation, therapy, medication and any other expenses relating to your mental well being) up to INR 1L/year for you, your partner, parents or children.

In order to protect your privacy, there is a separate process to claim health related reimbursements.

  • Send an email to with a copy of the invoice that you would like to be reimbursed for

    • This email is only accessible to the suits and admin (who will be processing the reimbursement)

  • You will be reimbursed via bank transfer

  • We respect your confidentiality. Unless requested by our auditors, the contents of this email will not be shared with anyone

We understand that it's not always easy to find help when you need it, so we've tied up with Alternative Story (AS) to reduce the friction involved in finding a good counsellor.

Booking a session

  • To book a 1:1 therapy session with a counsellor, visit the partner link

  • Select Partner Orgs

    • Partner Orgs - New clients - 1:1 therapy for the first session

    • Partner Orgs - Existing clients - 1:1 therapy for subsequent sessions

  • Choose a counsellor, and a date/time that works for you

  • Book Appointment

    • Provide your nilenso email so we are billed for the session. This information will not be shared with anyone outside AS

Choosing a counsellor

  • You can pick a counsellor based on their profiles.

  • If you don't vibe with your counsellor, either speak to them so they can recommend someone else, or write to AS. It's important to find the right fit, so please don't hesitate to change your counsellor if you feel things aren't working for you

  • They don't have psychiatrists on staff, but can refer to someone if needed (Note: counsellors offer therapy, psychiatrists prescribe meds)


  • Sessions are held over phone call, video call, email or chat based on your preference

  • Sessions are 45-60 min

  • The number of sessions you need would be decided by the counsellor and you

If you are working with a counsellor outside Alternative Story, we will still cover all related expenses as per our existing policy. However, this is treated as a perquisite under the Income Tax Act, and is taxed accordingly.


Medical care is expensive, so all our employees and their family — parents, children and spouses are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy (this means cashless, all ailments covered, pre-existing conditions included, no bureaucracy policy), where nilenso pays 100% of the premium.

Any expenses related to medical emergencies that are not covered by our insurance provider (for instance if your family is outside India) will be taken care of by nilenso.

Current insurance policy

  • Insurance provider: ICICI Lombard

  • Sum insured: 6L

  • Room rent: not capped

  • Ailment cap: none

  • Pre-existing conditions: fully covered

  • Maternity coverage: yes

  • Hospitalisations where treatment is received are covered

  • Parents, spouse and children are insured under the policy

  • Cashless facility is available, please view the list of hospitals here:

Outpatient care

nilenso will reimburse outpatient medical expenses above 50k (that are not covered by our insurance plan) against bills. The maximum reimbursement amount is 2L. This amount will be taxed as per prevailing IT regulations. This policy is intended to help our Admin / Ops personnel with significant unexpected expenses, and is not applicable to other nilenso employees or members. As of 2022, up to Rs. 15,000 in medical reimbursements are tax exempt. Tax will be deducted as applicable on the remaining amount.

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