We are currently fully remote, but will never run an office without a well-stocked pantry. That's a promise.

In the days before the pandemic, our office had a well-stocked pantry with healthy snacks.

Cut fruits, dry fruits and granola bars are available all day, every day. Orders for staples such as milk, bread, butter, jam, biscuits, maggi and juices are placed regularly by default.

Ginger chai/coffee, or freshly made nimbu pani (lemon juice)/other fruit juice is served twice daily: once before and once after lunch.

Coffee powder from Black Baza or Third Wave is generally available if you'd like to make yourself an Aeropress. Pu'erh, peppermint tea and honey is standard fare.

Our Operations team likes to mix it up to keep things interesting. Baked spinach and beetroot crisps are the latest addition to the list.

If you'd like something specific that you don't see in the pantry, write it down on the whiteboard so the Operations team can add it to their list.

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