• Exit interview
    • Speak to the person about their experience at nilenso and any feedback they have for us
    • Reference questions for the interview
    • Document a summary of the conversation
  • Paperwork
    • Resigning employees should hand over a signed resignation letter including actual date of leaving employment, which will be acknowledged by nilenso
    • If an employee’s name is on the LLP agreement, amend the LLP filing form 4 within 30 days of resignation
    • nilenso will provide a signed relieving letter as of the last date of employment
      • mention last date
      • salary in lieu of notice period (if applicable)
      • signed by member
  • Email
    • Remove from mail groups (business)
    • Transfer data to nilenso
    • Suspend / delete account via admin.google.com
  • Harvest
    • Manage > People > Profile > Basic Info > “Archive” link in the bottom right corner
    • Company Settings > Add or remove users
  • Services
    • Slack/Relay (make user single-channel guest on Slack)
    • Github / Gitlab
    • Digital Ocean / Droplet
    • Heroku
    • Trello: nilenso team
    • Kulu
    • Check if person has signed up for any other services, and if they are still needed
  • Hardware
    • Office keys
    • Machine / Charger / Monitor / Mouse / Connectors (adaptors)
    • Wipe computer, delete vault and any nilenso data from personal machines
    • Books
  • Insurance
  • Inform the accounting team: [email protected]