To report a harrassment incident, please mail [email protected]
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    Purpose: The policy strives to maintain a work environment in which people are treated with dignity, decency and respect. The environment of the company should be characterized by mutual trust and the absence of intimidation, oppression and exploitation.
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    Scope: This policy guidance applies to all permanent/full time and contractual employees of Nilenso Software LLP (nilenso), and anyone who is working in the office premises.
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    Policy : nilenso is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual's sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, religion, pregnancy, appearance, disability or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated. Employees can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal. a. Employees who observe, learn of, or are subjected to harassment, must report the conduct to the Executives (Suits). b. The Department shall maintain the confidentiality of the complainant or the person providing the information. c. The Executives shall conduct the investigation in as discrete and as confidential a manner as is practicable and shall give adequate importance to each case and shall deal on a case-by-case basis. d. Anyone engaging in other unlawful harassment will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
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    Advice and Counselling: Employees may seek independent advice from the Executives where they can discuss their problems. nilenso, on a case-by-case basis may arrange for further professional support to be provided to the employee. At all times, strict confidentiality of all information provided by the employee will be maintained.
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    Exceptions: Any exceptions to this policy will be considered only with the approval of the Executives.
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    Consequences of Violation of the Policy: Any employee, supervisor, or manager who is found to have violated this Policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination. The Company prohibits any form of retaliation against employees for bringing bonafide complaints or providing information about harassment. However, if an investigation of a complaint shows that the complaint or information was false, the individual who provided the false information will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
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    Status: nilenso reserves the right to amend, suspend or withdraw this policy, guidance and procedure at any time without notice. Further, the Company reserves the right to administer discipline in such a manner as it deems appropriate to the circumstances, and may, in its sole discretion, eliminate any or all of the steps.