Being remote

While we've always had remote employees and have been remote-friendly, the pandemic in 2020 pushed us to make the leap into being fully remote.

If you've just joined us, please know that we are here to help you be comfortable and productive in your space.

Work station: Where possible have a dedicated workspace (ideally a separate room, or "work area"). If you have the option to work from a friend's place or co-working space, give it a go (at least once in a while).

Ensure that you are equipped to get started, let us know if we can help you get set up with any of these:

  • Ergonomic furniture: chair and table at the right height
  • Laptop and charger
  • Keyboard, mouse, monitor, webcam and headphones
  • Good quality, high-speed internet connection
  • Power backups
  • Have a backup!

Communication: with everyone being remote communication and face time becomes more important

  • Extensively communicate on Slack and other channels with your colleagues at nilenso and on your project
  • Explicitly communicate your availability (including breaks)
  • Communicate over video chat (where possible) to stay connected
  • Regularly work with someone (pair) instead of being by yourself while working
  • If you live with other people, help them understand when you're working, and when you're free to hang out with them (don't work all the time!)

Well-being: take care of yourself, and establish boundaries

  • Take regular breaks during the day_._ Don't work all the time!
  • Join in the virtual and in-person get-togethers both during the work day and outside of it so get to hang out, chill and play games
  • Keep to a schedule and switch off at the end of your work day
  • Socialise with friends and family outside of work