Tracking expenses

Making a purchase

When signing up for new services, use [email protected] or forward a copy of the invoice to [email protected] Where possible, add the login details to vault, so the subscription can be managed without your involvement.
In the invoice, include the company's GSTIN/GST number: 29AAKFN2903R1ZM
Additionally, track the expense on Quickbooks. For recurring subscriptions, ensure that our admin team is in the loop so they can track the expense.

Tracking an expense on Quickbooks

  • Login to Quickbooks
  • Dashboard > Add bill
  • Add bills details
    • Supplier: Uncategorised supplier
    • Bill date
    • Bill number
    • Amounts are Out of scope of Tax
    • Category: Uncategorised Expense
    • Description
    • Amount (INR)
      • Please convert any foreign currencies to INR
    • Attach the receipt and Save and close