Onboarding checklist Onboarding a Partner


  • Probation: 6 months
  • Go through the Onboarding checklist
  • Appoint a buddy who is responsible for making sure people are comfortable, and to address any questions that they have
  • The default expectation is that the person continues to work at nilenso unless something doesn't work out
  • Feedback
    • Regular feedback is provided throughout the onboarding period
    • There are 2 formal reviews (3 month and 6 month)
    • The review is a checkpoint to summarise any feedback, but also for everyone to get on the same page with regards to how things are going. Any concerns with regards to things not working out should be clearly called out during the review
    • The buddy should document the reviews over email, cc execs@nilenso.com and reviewee
    • At the end of 3 month or 6 month review, add employee to hiring channel on Slack, business@nilenso.com, give access to vault, invite to finstrat meetings
  • Email Format
    • Date
    • Attendees
    • Summary: "Good", "Not working out", "Expect to work out but not there yet" [Note: "Expect to work out but not there yet" is not an option for the 6 month review]
    • Details (mandatory unless "Good")