When is a project done?

a.k.a: Never. a.k.a: When is a project mature enough?

Try and answer these questions

  • Acceptance Criteria: Who wrote them and did they check?
  • Testing: What kinds of testing?
  • Deployed: Where have you deployed?
  • Usage: Who is this going to be used by?
  • Feature flags: Which ones?
  • Old features: Removed or disabled?
  • Old data: Deprecated or deleted?
  • Old APIs: Backward-compatible, deprecated, or deleted? Client libraries?
  • Just one more thing: Is there anything pending on your plate?
  • Dependencies: Who owns them?
  • Follow-up: Who’s talking? Who’s fault is it if it doesn’t happen? (YOURS). What happens, if tomorrow, the entire team ceases to exist?
Maturity means
  • Process
  • Documentation
  • Automation
  • Eliminating process altogether (no ad-hoc work)