Scoping, measuring and projecting.


  • Inceptions are mostly about the why
  • Try to cut similar sized chunks of work
  • Alternatively, estimate t-shirt sizes: S/M/L or 1, 2, 3
  • PM, customer, QA should estimate as a sanity check ONLY
  • Designers’ estimates can be included with devs’ estimates
  • Try to estimate on a weekly basis... anything finer grained than that is likely self-delusion
  • Fill up 3 weeks and take an average, and then check: does it feel right?


  • Yesterday’s weather is usually very accurate
  • If you don't have yesterday's weather, default to 2 points or M
  • Give yourself a wider window (2 or 3 weeks) to avoid sharp spikes at Holi
  • Prefer one week iterations as a basic skeleton
  • Prefer the simplest estimation possible
  • Never change estimation approach mid-project
  • DO NOT compensate for irregularities – sick leave and holidays are real
  • Consider making an exception for serious illness, weddings, sabbaticals and unexpected events


  • Take what was measured, mark it against the scope, project into the future
  • Do not adjust, do not compensate, do not pad work/estimates
  • Pad the end (of a release, of a project) for inevitable changes
  • Be honest with everyone about what you see