Medical cover

We care about the mental and physical well-being of you and your loved ones.

Psychological care

Your psychological well being is as or more important than your physical health. nilenso therefore reimburses any expenses (consultation, therapy, medication and any other expenses relating to your mental well being) up to INR 1L/year for you, your partner, parents or children.

We understand that you may not be comfortable claiming a reimbursement for a medical expense with your doctor. There is there a separate process designed to protect your privacy.

  • Send an email to [email protected] (which is a group with the suits on it) with a copy of the invoice that you would like to be reimbursed for

  • One of the suits will make a bank transfer to your account

  • Since we are legally required to do so, a copy of the invoice will be saved on google drive and disclosed to our auditors if we are required to do so


Medical care is expensive, so all our employees and their family — parents, children and spouses are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy (this means cashless, all ailments covered, pre-existing conditions included, no bureaucracy policy), where nilenso pays 100% of the premium.

Any expenses related to medical emergencies that are not covered by our insurance provider (for instance if your family is outside India) will be taken care of by nilenso.

Current insurance policy (2020)

  • Insurance provider: ICICI Lombard

  • Sum insured: 6L

  • Room rent: not capped

  • Ailment cap: none

  • Pre-existing conditions: fully covered

  • Maternity coverage: yes

  • Hospitalisations where treatment is received are covered

  • Parents, spouse and children are insured under the policy

  • Cashless facility is available, please view the list of hospitals here: